• Pokemon Zygarde Ex Fates Collide 54124 - Psa 9 Mint
  • Pokemon Card Perfect Battle Deck 60 Zygarde Ex + M Audino Ex Mega Set Japan
  • Pokemon Shiny Kalos Tin Zygarde Ex By Pokmon Brand New
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Zygarde-EX - XY151 - Shiny Kalos Tins

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Zygarde EX is as devastating as it is versatile! Earth Pulse does more damage if there’s a Stadium in play, Cell Storm heals 30 damage from Zygarde EX while dealing 60 damage to the opponent, and Ground Force deals a devastating 100 damage with no additional effects.

Welcome back to another round of cards revealed for the upcoming 10th expansion of the Pokémon TCG: XY series! Fates Collide will be getting its Japanese release sometime soon, so plenty of Japanese cards such as Zygarde EX, Omastar BREAK, White Kyurem, and more are slowly being revealed over time before its release.


Pokemon Card Xy Break Perfect Battle Deck 60 Zygarde Ex Japanese Ver