• What to Expect the First Year
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What to Expect the First Year


One winner will receive a copy of the book, What to Expect The First Year. A part of the “What to Expect” series of books, this book covers what to expect during those first stages of the first year with a month to month guide that explains what parents want to know during the first year with their baby. Features a practical, illustrated Baby Care Primer, First Aid Guide and baby food recipes. What to Expect The First Year seeks to help answer the questions new parents might have during that first year with special sections discussion older siblings, selecting a pediatrician, managing illnesses, traveling with baby and more.

Covering topics such as monthly growth and development, feeding for every age and stage, and sleep strategies that really work, the latest edition of What to Expect the First Year answers dozens of new questions and includes all new by-demand material.


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That is where What to Expect The First Year and What to Expect the Second Year comes in! What to Expect The First Year is the all-in-one month guide that clearly explains everything you need to know about that first amazing year with the baby-from first cuddle to first smile to first steps. Packed with the most reassuring answers and the most practical and realistic tips on all things baby. In the book, there are special sections devoted to decoding and comforting crying, stimulating your infant, helping baby sleep through the night, getting started breastfeeding, starting solids, making the transition to parenthood, an an illustrated baby care primer with comprehensive sections on first aid, safety, and keeping your baby healthy.