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Melissa & Doug Multi-Craft Weaving Loom


Another common item included in a weaving kit is yarn. is usually available in a variety of textures, from inexpensive yarn intended for rugs or other household items, to higher quality yarn intended for weaving fabric for clothing. Weaving kits will also usually have a weaving needle, which helps guide the yarn through the loom while it is being interlaced. Inexpensive weaving needles are often made from plastic while pricier needles are made from metal.

Weaving kits may also come with shuttles. A shuttle is a device that is used to hold the rolled up yarn tightly while it is being woven by the loom. The size of the shuttle will typically depend on the expected size of the finished woven product. Kits intended for large rugs or blankets may require a longer shuttle, while mini-kits used for making potholders or other small pieces will only need a small shuttle.


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Our Weaving Kits take the guesswork out of weaving. With the right amount of yarn, pretty color combinations and easy to follow instructions you will enjoy your loom all over again.