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Norsk 240247 Solid Color Recyclamat Multi-Purpose Foam Flooring, Gray, 4-Piece

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US Wood Flooring® is dedicated to providing the best suitable laminate floor for any office space, or home alike. Through tests, and research, we have been able to fortify the quality and durability of our quality assured laminate wood floors. The laminate flooring of your choice comes equipped with an underlayment to ensure protection against water damage and excellent soundproofing. Our varieties of underlayment options have been scientifically proven to increase vitality, and promote healthy joints, due to a reduced impact of stress on the joints from walking. Other floor materials such as: concrete, hardwood, and ceramic floors have been proven to negatively impact joint health. Laminate flooring is ideal for people with back, knee, or hip problems. Other floor styles can crack, or chip, resulting in expensive repairs or cause injuries to its inhabitants resulting in hefty medical bills. With laminate flooring there is less stress, and less heartache. Laminate floor maintenance is unparalleled amongst all other flooring options, requiring only a quick sweep, and a light mopping from time to time. That’s all you need to keep a laminate floor looking new!

At US Wood Flooring® we make it easy to choose your favorite Laminate Flooring design from an assorted array of and finishes! Go with a bright Golden Sapelli or our signature Chestnut Brown to add an accent to any room in your home. We provide free delivery and installation as low as $1.99 Per/SF!


Laminate Flooring Fort Lauderdale $1.99 Per Sq. Ft. Installed

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