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InCharacter Costumes Tween Kids Hooded Huntress Costume, Grey/Black, S (8-10)


Do you have a tween at home who is extremely excited about Halloween? Is she pestering you for a new Halloween costume and are you scouring the internet for some DIY tween Halloween costume ideas? If you relate to these questions, then you should strongly consider reading our post!

Children Tween Halloween Costumes! If you have an older child that is not quite a teenager, usually somewhere around 10-12 years old, you have what is affectionately known as a “Tween.” Tweens have much more sophisticated tastes compared to younger children, probably because they are much more exposed to media influences such as the Internet, television and the movies. Tweens love pop culture and their interests are based on much that comes from it, particularly where fashion, technology and music are concerned.


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