• A TROLL IN CENTRAL PARK, 1994, (c)Warner Bros.
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A Troll In Central Park

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And yet, in spite of the average cartoon premise and predictable-enough storyline, it's the Don Bluth-style animation that will keep the parents as engaged as the kids. For fans of Bluth especially, the dream sequences and Central Park transformations are especially enjoyable. While you know what you're going to get in cartoons like these, still, 18 years after its initial release, A Troll in Central Park is an entertaining movie.

A Troll in Central Park (released in some countries as Stanley's Magic Garden) is a 1994 American animated musical fantasy-comedy film directed by Don Bluth and Gary Goldman, creators of , , , and . It was released on October 7, 1994 by Warner Bros. Family Entertainment. The film bombed at the box office, barely earning back 0.3% of its budget, and has been universally panned by critics and animation fans, widely considered Bluth's worst film.


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But luckily, even if this is the worst Don Bluth film, both criticallyand financially, "A Troll In Central Park" will never be among the 10worst animated films of all time, not even among the 20 worst ever…for Don Bluth, even in the misery and the mediocrity, still had hissignature charm and willpower that made him one day leave Disney, andstart an animation studio of his own.