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Hey guys! This is a quick overview News video for all of the cool new Nerf guns that are due to release over the next few months. Check it out! NGA’s New Nerf News! Nerf Nation! New Nerf News! Who doesn’t love it? I know most of you guys have heard of all of these blasters already, but I thought I’d compile all of the info I knew…

The Praxis is the newest Nerf Vortex gun, which means that it fires XLR Tech ammo for greater range and accuracy! What makes it stand out from the other Vortex guns, is the fact that it features a slam firing mode which gives it a really fast firing rate!


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OMG OMG OMG OMGWTFBBQ!!!!1!1 Yes, I saved the best for last. Just look at this thing, in all its blurry, top-secret, goodness. This is a leaked image from an overseas ad. Nerf isn’t ready to reveal this as of yet. But Oh MY Goodness does that look sexy. It seems to be a Mega version of the . This will more than likely be my favorite of the new Nerf guns.