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Disney / Pixar CARS Movie Exclusive PVC Figurine Playset Lightning McQueen Pit Crew Includes Luigi, Guido, McQueen, Mater, Sarge Filmore


Once a car has been driven by 007, it immediately becomes one of the coolest vehicles on the road. even managed to make the Ford rental car look pretty flashy in Casino Royale. So with that, the choice must come down to what the best Bond car is and there can be no question that it is the 1964 Aston Martin DB5 used in and then most recently used – and blown up – in . With a top speed of 143mph and 0-60 in 8 seconds, the Aston was pretty quick in its day. The straight six engine produced 282bhp and one of the loveliest sounds an engine can make. Even if the real one does not have the passenger eject button in the gearstick, the Aston Martin DB5 is one of the greatest movie cars and we would all love to pretend to be 007 in one for a day – this could be a tall order given the asking price for such a movie relic.

In the movie CARS, Sally is a blue Porsche who is the town’s attorney and runs a Motel called the Cozy Cone and she falls head over wheels for Lightening McQueen.
At the Cozy Cone motel you can often find Mater and Lighting McQueen posing for pictures. The food served at the Cozy Cone is quick service and at Breakfast you can even have it served in a bread cone so you can eat on the run.


Cars would be the story of a fast car that learns to slow down, ..

One of the greatest things I see coming from the movie cars is its attention it is giving to the kids. One day it may be many of these kids who restore some of the towns by-pasted by todays rush of the highways.