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Tenkai Knights Toys Value Pack Includes 6 Figures

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Over the past year, I have become more and more interested in toy collecting and Lego building. One day, at the local toy store, I came across a set of toys that captured my attention. These toys were called Tenkai Knights, and they looked like the offspring of Legos and Gundam model kits. To this day I still haven’t bought one, but I am intrigued with the way you build them, with movable, Logo-like parts. So, when the opportunity came to review the new 3DS game, I took it; and so my pain begins.

Max Factory showed off 2 of their upcoming Tenkai Knights model kits at the Spring 2015 Miyazawa Models Exhibition. These are more accurate and feature more articulation than their Spin Master building-block counterparts. Both are due out later this year.


Beag: Another swell victory by the legendary Tenkai Knights!

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