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Judy Heumann is a recognized expert in the field of infant swimming. She founded Infant Aquatics in 2000, and has trained scores of instructors worldwide to expand the Infant Aquatics network of certified Infant Aquatic Survival instructors. In 2010 she fulfilled her dream of opening Swim Float Swim! to give more children the gift of survival and the joy of swimming.

I took my 2 year old son to Swim Float Swim after trying the mommy and me type lessons. I ended up quitting those because they just made my son "comfortable around water" without actually ever teaching him how to swim. Which I though was actually dangerous and counterproductive. So we came to swim float swim for the 6 week intensive, and my son learned how to float and swim within only 4 weeks, and we have been coming to continue developing his skills once a week. We get tons of compliments at the neighborhood pool on how good a swimmer he is and I feel like should he ever accidentally fall in water he would be able to float and call for help or swim to the side without panicking. Full disclosure, the first couple lessons were hard to watch them basically dunk your kid under water. Some parents find this controversial. Like I said, it was hard at first, but then it became absolutely amazing to watch how quickly their method works!Plus the teachers are all so patient and kind as well as professional. Now my son can float and handle himself in water. There's no replacement for adult supervision, but I'm totally confident that if my son fell in a pool or pond he could float and call for help or swim to the side and grab on, or even get out if possible. Best of all, now he has an absolute blast at the pool swimming with us. He loves swimming and is really good at it thanks to this place. I can't recommend it enough. I plan on bringing my new baby when he's old a bough too!


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