• What will be the primary use of your sun shelter?
  • Lightweight aluminum no-rust sun shelter for the beach
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  • Quadra Beach Cabana. The most versatile sun shelter on the market. Simple to erect with family sized sun shelter. Features include:

Pacific Breeze EasyUp Beach Tent


Surf Sider Beach Tent, a Shade USA exclusive. We've combined all the cool and useful features from other beach cabanas into one compact affordable sun shelter.... super compact, full UV protection, simple to erect and even a carry bag which makes sense. Features include:

Maintenance and prevention
The sun shelter needs to withstand wind, sun and rain. A few simple actions will enable you to preserve it for a longer time and most importantly, ensure occupants’ safety.


Gazebos & Sun Shelters - Costco

The Land and Sea Sports Pop Up Sun Shade Shelter is excellent for when time is of the essence. It requires nearly no effort to pull the toggle on the roof of the pop up beach tent and watch it quickly erect itself. The mechanism is an impressive design capable of building the beach tent in just a couple of seconds.