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  • ...the harder they fall: Land the killing blow on a Styracosaur.
  • Reich Rolled: As axis, get the Styracosaur to his goal without taking any damage.

Schleich Styracosaurus Figure


Styracosaurus was one of the four dinosaurs to be included in the premium download. The males were a bright yellow/orange with pink and blue details and the females were a plain brown/grey color. Another difference between the genders, was that the males had a larger spikes around its frill while the females had shorter and more dull spikes.

The Styracosaurus was also included in the fourth expansion pack, , for those who didn't purchase the Dino Danger Pack download. In this expansion, the Styracosaurus appearance was updated just as with the other three dinosaurs. The male's bright colored skin turned to a reddish brown and it's spikes/horn recieved horizontal black stripes. The females appearance changed to a brighter color of brown. In the expansion the Styracosaurus recieves the ability to , a new animal behaviour found only in dinosaurs. It also can be created in the new free of cost after finding all of it's fossils on Fossil Finder Level 1. This Styracosaur has a similar color scheme to the Extinct Animals Kentrosaurus


Styracosaurus - The Fossil Database

Because of the distinctive frill and horns of , depictions of these animals are easily recognizable. The spines, hooks, and horns attached to the head of this dinosaur sparked the imagination of filmmakers during the earliest days of motion pictures, and this has led to its appearance in films ever since. Notable among them are: (1933), where a battles the movie's heroes; (1969), where is pitted against a carnivorous dinosaur; (1975) where two animals are shelled by a German U-boat; and Disney's CGI film (2000), where an anthropomorphic named Eema has a pet . The genus also appeared in the novel of , in the list of dinosaurs present in the park, but was not seen in the film adaptation. Styracosaurus is the first dinosaur seen in the theme park attraction Dinosaur at Disney's Animal Kingdom, brought to life through Audio-Animatronics.