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12" Flopsie Moose


Not only are Warm Buddy’s plush stuffed moose animal toys super cute and soft they also come with a removable, rice filled heating pack. These microwavable heating packs release a soothing moist heat that will help children relax, soothe stress and help them feel loved and secure. Warm Buddy’s stuffed moose animal toy pets for babies, toddlers and children are also very affordable. You may expect to pay much more for plush stuffed moose animal toys of this quality. However, Warm Buddy believes that babies, toddlers, kids and their parents deserve the best and want to help give to them, by making the best possible plush stuffed animal toy pets and other quality products as affordable as possible. If you are looking for a great gift that is unique and will be loved these plush stuffed moose animal toys for sale with removable rice filled microwavable heating packs are perfect.

Here, at our online natural rest and relaxation store, we offer super cute and soft plush stuffed moose animal toy pets, from Warm Buddy at the best possible sale prices. Both the little and big moosey come with the therapeutic microwavable heating packs and are made by the award winning Warm Buddy. Warm Buddy is a Canadian based company, of which we are privileged to be the only US retailer. If you are a US customer shopping at our online store, we will get you better prices and shipping rates than Canadian retailers. Being an online based store also saves money in overhead, allowing us to offer these plush stuffed moose animal children’s toys with removable rice filled microwavable heating packs at the best possible online sales prices. If you have any questions about our cute and super soft plush stuffed moosey animal pets or the microwavable rice filled heating packs, please give us a call or send us an email and we will be happy to help.


Moose Stuffed Toy - 9" Plush Standing Moose