• This is a stop motion animation that completes the story of the dragonslayer.
  • Building sets for Stop Motion Animation
  • The Making of the DragonSlayer 7 Journey Stop Motion Animation

Stop Motion Animation: How to Make & Share Creative Videos


Stop motion animation offers incredible opportunities for creativity, since pretty much any material can be made to behave according to the animator’s wishes. The animator can do a few things that the cinematographer cannot:

- Paper Diorama Stop Motion Animation - This is an interesting little project that uses all paper to make the animation inside a paper box. An astronomer looks through a telescope and sees a few interesting things. This shows that there are lots of techniques and materials that are great for animation.


Introduction to Stop Motion Animation | Dragonframe

Making it Move
Although it’s a relatively simple process, creating stop motion animation takes a lot of time. To do it, animators first take a single still image of the subject, then move it slightly, then take another still image, then move the subject again, then take another image…