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According to , the unidentified woman, who was 82, went to the hospital on Dec. 8 complaining of stomach pains. Physicians initially thought the woman suffered from gastroenteritis, an infectious form of diarrhea. It was only after hospital staff performed a radiography exam that they discovered the calcified fetus, or stone baby, inside her stomach.

In the 300 or so cases of stone baby documented in medical literature, the patients’ ages ranged from 23 to 100 years old, but the majority of them were over 40. The calcified fetuses in those cases ranged in age from 4 to 60 years, and fetal death occurred between at full term in 43 percent of the cases, the Sao Paulo Medical Journal noted.


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Lithopedion, which is Greek for “stone baby,” is so rare that there are only around 400 cases of it documented in history. According to Margo Vargas Lazo, director of the Chilean hospital, the calcified fetus was “large and developed” and probably died when it was around 7 months old, reported. As with most cases of lithopedion, the woman was completely unaware of the fetus, which occupied all of her abdominal cavity. The reported that due to the woman’s age, the doctors felt it was best to not attempt to remove it and discharged her after a few hours.