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  • The perfect accesory for Stokke Xplory, Trailz and Crusi.
  • The iZi Go Modular Car Seat by BeSafe fits perfectly on to the Stokke Scoot, Crusi and Xplory.
  • The new ad campaign has helped to stoke sales.

Stokke Scoot Stroller - Black Melange


I am a mother of one and expecting my second baby June 2010, we have just purchased the New stokke Xplory 2010 in Blue after months of debating and research (due to having too much spare time on my hands...

HI .. I bought the stokke xplory about 2 months ago .. its totally fashionable .. and you get grate comments on it .. it is in-deed good for gettin around .but its terrible on trains and buss s it takes...


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I go on about this pram all the time! It costs you a lot new (i know we spent over a thousand pounds on it but it included the maxi cosi car seat and base plus carry cot and lots of textiles.) There are so many things to love about this pram, it turns on a sixpence, pushes like a micro scooter and the seat can be raised so high that you can be very close to your baby. It goes up and down stairs without having to ask or beg for help. It looks great. It has a huge storage bag that you can access easily and it can be used as a high chair when out and about. There are things i don't love about it but the good outweighs all the bad. Bad being it's big and bulky, doesn't fold small. It's heavy. It can tip over if you speed off and try and turn sharply with the seat up at the top height so no baby jogging round the park! All in all fab though and i've had it for 8 years through three kids. Looks like new (ish) still!