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Star Wars R2-D2 Measuring Cup Set (Exclusive and Officially Licensed)


If you are a Star Wars fan cohabitating with someone who isn't such a fan of Star Wars then you probably can't design a Star Wars dream kitchen. Full length wall murals and painting the Star Wars logo on the refrigerator probably aren't going to be an option. Have no fear however, you can still enjoy many of the cool Star Wars kitchen gadgets and items shown here. You'll just have to tone it down a notch and be willing to stow it all away out of sight when not in use. With that in mind I've taken a great deal of time to put together some of the coolest Star Wars kitchen items and gadgets available. I hope you enjoy!

Availability Update: The Darth Vader Toaster is currently not available. It was a thinkgeek/Star Wars Shop exclusive. When the Star Wars Shop closed they went bye bye along with some other great Star Wars kitchen items. They are available at times from private sellers on sites like ebay etc.


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Do you even know that your kitchen is missing some of the most important essentials right now? That’s right. There are plenty of awesome Star Wars kitchen items, gadgets and other stuff that you need to check out right now. Seriously – unless you’re already busy making Death Star waffles, then stop what you’re doing and check out the list of items we’ve made for you.