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McFarlane Toys Spawn: Rebirth 7" Collectible Action Figure


Sources or manufacturers of the figures include TMP International, Urban-Collector, and Amazon. It's easy to find lots of Spawn action figures using the online search engines.

While many of the figures are quite durable, some are not made to be toys. Some are fragile. Although some of the figures are capable of being bent into poses, they are not designed to be twisted and pulled a lot. So how do you tell which of the figures meets your intended use? Read available reviews and documentation before you buy! Alternatively, assume a figure is fragile and should not be used as a toy, unless you learn otherwise. These tips will help you avoid disappointment when collecting Spawn action figures.


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Todd McFarlane himself has recently been teasing the return of Spawn action figures on social media this week so we should definetly be seeing more on this at the New York Toy Fair which begins on February 13.