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Halo UNSC M7 Blaster

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The SMG has the same attachments selections as other weapons of its class. The is an effective attachment if the player plans to extends the weapon's effective range, as it increases accuracy, and allows the player to benefit from a clear optic sight in first-person view. The impacts the weapon's damage per shot and range in exchange of allowing the player to fire suppressed shots, and unless the player uses the weapon only at close range, it is best avoided as it further reduces the already low damage profile. increases the magazine capacity to 60 rounds, making reloads much less problematic. Finally, the gives the player an extra light source, helpful if the player is in a dark area.

The Kriss Vector SMG is a select-fire carbine chambered in .40 S&W and .45 ACP. On the selector switch there are three settings: semi-auto, 2-round burst, and full-auto. According to Kriss’s website, the SMG is only available for law enforcement and military.


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The SMG can also form part of the most effective dual-wield combos in the game. The SMG, when dual-wielded with a , can be a deadly combination because the depletes the opponents shields and the SMG's armor piercing rounds do the rest. Another favored combo is dual-wielding the SMG with the , often referred to as the "." The charged shot from the Plasma Pistol will deplete the shield of your opponent and a full burst of SMG fire to tear through the now-exposed armor. In , the SMG has been improved. By itself, the SMG can be an extremely devastating weapon in close-quarters combat, simply because of its high ammo capacity, lightning-fast melee, and fast rate of fire.