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  • This Skywalker trampoline with enclosure includes a lot of features that make it really popular and appreciated by both parents and kids:
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Skywalker Trampolines Jump N' Dunk Trampoline with Safety Enclosure and Basketball Hoop, Blue, 15-Feet


The Skywalker trampoline measures 6 feet x 6 feet x 8.5 feet when completely assembled and it weighs 87 pounds. The 8ft trampoline features a round-shaped jump mat, which makes it economically sized, but offers a generous bouncing surface at the same time.

One of my friends ordered this trampoline with enclosure combo for her five-year-old, so I had the opportunity to see the Skywalker trampoline packed in the box and removed from the box, with the pieces all laid out; I participated in the assembly and I also tried it out.


SKYWALKER Parts for SKYWALKER Trampolines

Skywalker trampoline parts are readily available whenever they are needed. The problem is that just telling someone that you need a spring for a trampoline is not going to cut it. There are many different replacement parts and the type of bolt or spring that will fit your particular trampoline needs to be the one that is designed for that model.

Your owner's manual will have all of the information you need to order replacement parts. This means that you can quickly locate the exact part by referencing the model number. If you have misplaced the manual don't just try to guess which Skywalker trampoline parts should be ordered. Check the legs of the trampoline and see if you can locate the decal that is imprinted with the serial number. You can also find decals and white tags attached to the trampoline mat and safety net. The tag that is affixed to the safety net even has additional information concerning the model that you have purchased.

Skywalker trampoline parts include different bolts, screws, staps, locknuts and pole caps. If you do not have the correct replacement part then the safety features could fail when the equipment is being used. This could result in damage to the trampoline, or physical injury to anyone who is using this recreational product. Since many owner manuals are going to be lost (or misplaced) over time it is a good idea to keep a record of the trampoline model on your computer. In the event that you cannot locate the model number or find any of the serial numbers you can still order the right replacement parts by contacting the company. There are a few features of your trampoline that will help the service representatives identify the model and style of Skywalker trampoline that you own.

Discover the size of the trampoline by extending a measuring tape from one side of the frame to the opposite side. This will give you the correct dimensions. Identify whether your trampoline is shaped like a square, a circle, a rectangle or an oval. Tell the customer representative if the frame of your trampoline is slightly curved, shaped like an upside down arch or has a single pole construction. Even knowing the original color of the trampoline pad can be very helpful when you are trying to locate the exact Skywalker trampoline parts you need as replacements for the old ones.