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  • If you loved the game of “Scattergories” then Scattergories Categories is the next game you’ll want to play.

Scattergories Categories - A Fun Twist on the Fast-Thinking Original - 2 or More Players - Ages 12 and Up


In 2010, published "Scattergories Categories" which is a twist on classic Scattergories play. Instead of finding answers that all start with one letter, Scattergories Categories focuses on one category per round and players race to find a unique answer starting with each letter in the category key word, which is related to the category in some way. As the game box shows, if the category word is "CAMPING TRIP" players have 2 minutes to find a word that starts with a C, then an A, then an M, and a P... and so on. Players get 1 point for each unique answer and the first player to 25 points wins. The game contains 250 word challenges on 125 cards for players 12 and up.

I will admit that coming up with enough category phrases/words was a little more difficult than I had expected. Scattergories Categories not like other category games where you come up with a category and boom – it’s done! In Scattergories Categories the vertical word or phrase needed to have a minimal number of vowels, virtually no Is, Us, Xs,Ys, Zs or any other weird consonants. For example: if I wanted the topic to be “Bubble Gum Brands and Flavors” BUBBLE GUM seems like the obvious choice especially since there are a ton of answers for B like: Big League Chew, banana, Berry Blast, Big Red, Bazooka, etc. but what flavor starts with U?! Ugli fruit? I’d veto that. So the vertical word became BEST CHEW because it still includes the B and limits the vowels to only two Es which have a bunch of answers: Eclipse, Extra, Excel Extreme, eucalyptus (although not common flavor it’s one of my favorites) just to name a few. So coming up with words turned out to be more of a science than I expected! But after two weeks and almost 1.5 inches of paper I was done and was more certain than ever that the game rocked – mostly because after essentially playing for 2 weeks straight, I wished I had to do more!


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As these last few cold weekends of winter pass bye, it makes sense to enjoy classic games as you stay dry and inside. Scattergories Categories adds a fun twist to the original Scattergories game that you might have already come to love. This version of the game gets you thinking fast of categories to fill out the player pads with.