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  • Last week I picked up a Samsung Smartcam Plus HD at Costco. Easy to hook up and get running

Samsung SmartCam HD Pro 1080p Full-HD Wi-Fi Camera


The SmartCam HD Pro is available in a glossy white finish that isn't exactly inconspicuous, but it isn't terribly offensive, either. Like the Dropcam Pro, you do have the option of mounting your camera on a wall or using the base to place it on a flat surface. Here's a comparison chart of major Samsung SmartCam HD Pro and Dropcam Pro features and capabilities:

I now have a Samsung SmartCam HD Plus monitor that will help to keep an eye out on my home when I away and even notify me when it senses some motion with the FREE monitoring and alert app that you can download for iOS and Android. What I like even more about this camera is the ability to take pictures and record what I see on my camera. If someone was in my home and I seen it on my camera I would be able to snap a picture or take a video of them to bust them! This also offers a Two-Way Talk feature that lets you hear what is going on around the camera with the ability to reply with a smartphone.


Samsung SmartCam HD Outdoor - YouTube

All in all, the Samsung SmartCam HD Pro is definitely capable as a security camera, but not particularly efficient at anything else. While the video quality, the luminosity levels and night vision are great things to be able to tinker with, I still feel that Cloud services would’ve come in handy more than a microSD card does. If, hypothetically speaking, the camera itself gets stolen once there’s a break-in and you weren’t on spot to take screenshots as it was happening, your recorded content is literally gone forever as it’s only been recorded on the SD card. That’s one aspect that makes the Samsung SmartCam a questionable option for dire situations.