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Rocket Fishing Rod - Ready to Fish Kids Fishing Pole - Shoots a Bobber Instead of Casting


This safety bobber is specially designed for use in the Rocket Fishing Rod System, but it works with every type of fishing rod. It’s one of the safest bobbers in the world because the hook is covered until it hits the water, and it prevents snags and snarls too. It’s a great addition to every kids fishing pole. Contains 2 Rocket Fishing Rod Bobbers. Ages 8 and up.

The Rocket Fishing Rod casts accurately up to 30 feet and has a patented safety bobber that hides the hook until it safely hits the water. Once it sinks it reveals the hook. Includes a secret compartm...


Does it Work Wednesday Rocket Fishing Rod By: Lauren Keith

The fishing line that comes with the Rocket Fishing Rod is not very strong, my dad says maybe 2-4lb in strength, so you might want to change it out before your kid uses it since if the line breaks during launch of the capsule you could lose the capsule. This happened to us on about the third time we tried it, but luckily my dad was able to use his fishing lure to hook the floating capsule and get it back!