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Peerless Plastics KM100 Basic Rest Mat, 4-Section, 45" x 19" x 5/8" Size, Vinyl, Red/Blue


It is important to make sure that each of your young students has a personal space to lie down during nap time. When each child knows exactly where they are sleeping and which rest mat is theirs, it is easier for them to quiet down and doze off. An organized rest hour will make a more calm and peaceful period for both caregivers and children. Thinking about how naptime will be arranged when deciding on is definitely a good idea.

Preschools and daycare centers can attract germs, especially in rest areas. These rest mats are designed to prevent infections. The vinyl covers can be easily wiped clean after use. A two-tone design (red and blue) lets you easily distinguish the floor side from the sleeping side-which also ensures more sanitary use.
These mats have no sewn seams, no sharp corners and no threads that could fray and unravel. Each mat is comprised of heavy duty, flame retardant soft vinyl over resilient foam. These mats come in three connected sections which make them easy to fold away and store when nap time is over. Each mat is 24-inches wide by 48-inches long and one-inch thick.


Indestructible Folding Rest Mat at Lakeshore Learning

If you prefer to keep your kindergarten nap mats in the classroom, or you simply don't need a mobile storage option, the wall-mount hanging system offers another way to keep rest mats handy. This convenient solution uses wall space rather than floor space and can be put right inside your classroom. With nap mats hanging conveniently on the wall, they will stay out of the way when not needed and be right where you want them when they are.