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Red and White Polka Dot Novelty Print Flannel Boxer Shorts , Medium


Our Tiny Beach Bikinis model starts out wearing a Red Polka Dot tie short microkini, and then removes the tie short to reveal the tiny Chip g-string. You can purchase these items through our website

Bring this classic game to life on a budget using just some tracing, and cut pasting. If you search “Operation game pieces” on Google, you should find countless images of your “ailments”. Simply print and cut them out to stick all over your body. You may decide to use regular paper or foam, based on your budget, time, and artistic ability. If you don’t have a pair of white-and-red polka dot shorts at hand, stick white circles onto red shorts, put on a nude colored top, and clown nose, and the operating table is yours! The best thing about this Halloween costume is that it works for both genders and all ages, and is relatively cheaper than the actual game.


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