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AMOSTING S911 33MPH 2.4GHz 2WD Off Road Waterproof Monster RC Truck, 1/12 Scale - Blue


The actually racing is pretty straightforward–you race an opponent side by side. A bracket determines who will run against who and the field is essentially cut in half with each round and until two trucks face off in the finals. Usually four complete brackets are run in a day. Winning depends on your reaction time, how well your truck handles jumps and corners and ultimately how well you drive. The RC Monster Truck Challenge — NY group uses a fully functional set of staging and starting lights–when the green lights up, you go! The layouts vary with each and most clubs race on carpet, dirt and grass.

The RC Monster Truck Challenge follows the rules of the Radio Control Monster Truck Race Series (RCMTRS) association. The RCMTRS establishes national rules and the RC Monster Truck Challenge — NY groups adheres to them with the only exceptions being that batteries are limited to 2S or 7.4 volts maximum and brushless motors are limited to no more than 5700 Kv.


RC Monster: We specialize in Brushless setups.

No, it’s not just another big, bulky monster truck that can climb over rocks and stream beds with ease, which is the typical goal of most RC monster trucks. There was a clear thought process and vision with the Arrma Nero 6s, and that vision is versatility. The 1/8 scale Arrma 6s isn’t an RC vehicle that aims its sights at one specific subgenre of RC, but at many of them at the same time. And, surprisingly, it does so successfully.