• First Gen Pokemon
  • (L-R) Pokemon Red, Pokemon Yellow, Pokemon Blue, the original Pokemon games released in 1996.
  • Seventh: After dodging your opponent's attack, quickly press on your Pokemon and deal some damage!
  • This is what your Pokemon looks like when you are done learning "how to draw

Pokemon Sand or Trick-or-Treat Pail


is one of the eleven Mythical Pokemon that will be distributed via Nintendo Network (Internet) for the 20th anniversary of Pokemon. Select Mystery Gift and get via Internet in Pokemon Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire, X, or Y between the event dates to download this Pokemon to your game. Visit the nearest Pokemon Center and speak with the delivery person inside to add this Pokemon to your team.

Three of the four legendary Regi Pokemon will be available as special event Pokemon for a limited time to those who access the . What makes these Regi special? They will each have their rare !


Top 10 New Dual Types for Pokemon Sun and Moon and Gen 7

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