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I am utterly appalled by the horrific experience my fiance and I just had here. I have never experienced such rude and offensive behavior in a place of business in my entire life. I have no idea how this place is still open.

We are starting the process of looking for a dog and against our better judgement decided to walk into Puppies R Us. Upon entering the establishment, the second door was jammed. My fiance tried opening the door and couldn't get it open. I then tried and struggled as well because it was clearly stuck.

The boy with the buzzcut behind the counter refused to open the door and instead mocked our inability to do so. Eventually I got it open and he unleashed a slew of condescending and offensive insults -- culminating in him saying he didn't want customers who were incapable of opening doors.

I was totally shocked and beyond offended. I have never been treated with such hostility and rude aggressiveness in my entire life. We stormed out before even looking at the dogs (which were roped off from the customers).

After researching the place, it's clearly a puppy mill. The conditions are deplorable and the kid working there is over the top rude.

Do not go here.

If I could give -1000 stars for this business, I would. Don't kid yourself, it is a BUSINESS which exists to make money on the suffering of innocent animals.

My "english bulldog" came from this god-forbidden place. I rescued him but his paperwork traces him back to this shop of horrors. He has severe psychological issues not limited to: major anxiety, extreme separation anxiety, fear aggression and aggressive behaviour. The physical ailments he has suffered and continues to suffer include: allergies, chronic ear infections, bilaterial entropian requiring surgery, and a torn ACL also requiring surgery.

This store is a puppy mill front. The paperwork that came with my "english bulldog" traces him back to a dirtbag breeder in Missouri who is on every puppy mill list under the sun. It has been utterly disgusting and heartbreaking from day one.

Anyone who buys a dog here is destined for horrible heartbreak, not to mention major, major veterinary bills and that is not to mention the heartbreaking and cruelty suffered by animals who deserve so much more.

Please do NOT BUY. Please ADOPT. There is a rescue group for every breed out there and they are overwhelmed with animals at the moment. It is irresponsible to promote puppy mills by putting your money in the hands of places like Puppies R Us.


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