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  • Hot, sexy, bratty, manipulative cock control masturbation instruction from Princess Ami!
  • Hot, sexy, bratty, manipulative cock control masturbation instruction from Princess Ami!
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Princess Ami is sick and tired of having to get up and go to the washroom at work. Especially when she is in the middle of chatting with her girlfriends online. It interrupts the flow of her chat. She decided the solution would be to turn one of the office employees into her toilet. This way she can keep surfing the internet, chatting and shopping online without any interruptions. She can go to the bathroom without leaving her desk. Since Princess Ami has the office CEO completely blackmailed, and enslaved to her, he is the perfect candidate to be locked under her toilet throne permanently. Naturally, she would let him leave at the end of the day to go home to his wife and family but first thing in the morning he would be back under Ami's ass and locked into the throne all day. It's the perfect situation and Ami just loves using him for all her needs. She even enjoys stepping on him in high heels when she takes a seat on the throne. Princess Ami describes his life as her work toilet in graphic detail. Fans of toilet slavery will love Princess Ami in this office scene.

Princess Ami of Mercury is the crown Princess of the planet Mercury. Princess Ami lived 1000 years ago in a time known as the Silver Millinium. As the crown Princess, of Mercury, a member of the Silver Millinium Alliance, it was her duty to guard and protect the crown princess of the Silver Millinium, Princess Serenity, of the Moon. As the Princess of the Mercury, Ami possesses the power of the planet Mercury, and she uses these powers in her senshi form to protect Serenity.


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Completing the fair queen court were Princess Ami Martin of Derry; first runner-up Taylor Rubino of Hempfield and second runner-up Amanda Panichelle of Latrobe.