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It may sounds simple but our pick for the best pool toys for toddlers are simple buckets & pails. In the shallow end of the pool or in a baby pool, your toddler can play for hours with buckets & pails. If you have several in different sizes they can fill them up and pour the water from bucket to bucket. I let my kids dump the water on my head and it feels great on a hot summer day at the pool. They are inexpensive and certainly the best pool toys for toddlers.

My kids loved torpedo dive sticks when they were toddlers & still love them today. I will often find my kids throwing them into the pool and chasing after them for hours. As they get older, it’s fun to have them hide their eyes and launch several torpedo dive sticks into the pool and have them race to recover them. One of the best pool toys for toddlers to keep them active and to teach them to dive to the bottom is torpedo dive sticks.


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