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PokePark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure


Yea, I agree with the majority here. Wii U does not need saving(at the moment at least). But I posted again to bring up another possibility. Its safe to say the reason this game hasn’t already happened is because Gamefreak/Nintendo want to hold on to the Pokemon/3ds monopoly without bringing in any outside help or creating a new studio, basically putting there usual sales and profit in jeopardy. So until they realize how ridiculous of a strategy this is, why don’t they do what many developers are doing with older games? Give us Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow HD and 3D on the Wii U while they continue on with new installments on the 3ds. Any thoughts? Its a win win to me plus serious nostalgia points until the final arrival of the new Pokemon Wii U adventure(what we REALLY want) once they realize how well the sales are actually going.

One way they could bridge a 3DS version and a Wii U version is a cloud save you play with on both games and make some Pokemon exclusive to 3DS and some to the Wii U. I would love, at the very least, a game like Pokemon Stadium where we could connect our 3DS/DS cartridges into an accessory for the GamePad and battle people with our teams, and even play our games on the console like we were able to on the GameCube. All I do know is I do want something Pokemon on my Wii U.


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