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TCG: Generations Elite Trainer Box Card Game


It's these true Pokemon GBA freaks which Pokemon Box is targeted. This software title was developed specifically to give Pokemon owners a way to more easily construct their teams and organize their collections outside of the Game Boy Advance adventure. Let's face it: squinting at the tiny text on the GBA's screen can give you such a headache. So, this is a way to move GBA collections around using the much more comfortable GameCube controller and larger screen. So, by connecting a Game Boy Advance system and copy of Pokemon to the GameCube, Pokemon Box opens up a much more intuitive way to organize their collections.

The interface created in Pokemon Box makes it easy to move GBA collections from the cartridge to GameCube Memory Card, and the benefit here is that the die-hard Pokemon nuts can actually store far more collected creatures than the GBA cartridge can allow. The text-based interface is unexciting but completely functional; sorting Pokemon is a simple matter of navigating the menu and searching by Name, Number, Creature Type, the box it's stored in, whether it's male or female. In essence it's a GameCube database that's tailored specifically for the Pokemon series. Just so that it's not entirely a boring experience, owners can even customize the way the storage boxes appear with specific background elements, including a create-a-texture one that's built from a "screenshot" function; most anywhere in Pokemon Box players can take a "photo" and use it as a background.


Team Plasma Pokemon Box Opening (Great Pull!)

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