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Star Wars - Episode I - Racer


The Star Wars Pod Racer game boasts a full-sized player cockpit, and features a monitor with a horizontal orientation, CRT color, and VGA resolution. The player controls consist of left and right engine throttle levers, with a squeeze lever for the brake. One backlit button accompanies the Star Wars arcade as well.

At the Tokyo gameshow, Softbank Mobile unveiled its new Stars War Pod racer game for its mobile phones. The game allows you to play young Anakin Skywalker where he speeds to victory at the famous pod race from Episode Phantom Menace. It also features R2D2, C3PO, Darth Vader and Storm troopers. Stars War Pod racer will be available in a standalone version where you race against computer players and a Bluetooth version where you can play with your friend for a pod race.


Santa Pod Racer, a free flash game at Play Racing Games.