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SYCEES-TOPLITE 0.5W Plug in LED Night Light Lamp with Sensor, White, Pack of 6

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Many modern plug in night lights come with built in sensors. Daylight sensors switch the night light on as soon as the room turns dark while motion sensors will turn the night light on when you walk past.

A plug in night light with an inbuilt light sensor, the Wall Washer Night Light projects colour onto your wall to give guidance and reassurance at night. An unassuming plug in, the Wall Washer is anything but when switched on, as once it senses darkness, this LED light bursts with colour projecting a striking pattern of colourful light into your room. Choose from colour changing modes or hold on your favourite colour using the button on the front of the light and this handy plug in will stay on all night until it senses light again in the morning. Low energy LED's make this simple but stunning night light inexpensive to run and perfect for halls, landings and bedrooms.


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The highly innovative company, Handcrafted Goods, has announced their premier plug in Night Light with a convenient dusk to dawn auto sensor that emits a soft comforting yellow glow, ideal to help children relax and feel secure all night.