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PlayStation 2 software is distributed on CD-ROM and DVD-ROM. In addition the console can play audio CDs and DVD movies, and is with PlayStation games. The PS2 also supports PlayStation and controllers, although original PlayStation memory cards only work with original PlayStation games and the controllers may not support all functions (such as analog buttons) for PS2 games.

The PlayStation 2 may natively output video resolutions on and from to while other games, such as and are known to support up-scaled resolution using any of the following standards: (480i), (480i), (480i/p), (for progressive scan games and only), component video (which display most original PlayStation games in their native 240p mode which most HDTV sets do not support), and . Cables are available for all of these signal types; these cables also output analog stereo audio. Additionally, an is available for the system to connect to older TVs.


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