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  • Playmobil dinosaurier Dinosaur Stegosaurus (5232) Toy uppackning Jurassic Dinosaur
  • Playmobil dinosaurer Stegosaurus Dinosaur (5232) Toy utpakking jura Dinosaur
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As part of the second batch of Playmobil Dinosaurs, this jungle-themed set lacked the ice vehicles or frozen vestiges of the collection from 2004. It also lacked a human figure, as a few of these sets did, which is probably for the best. The stars here are the dinosaurs, and at $15 it's tough to say if it was a good deal-- you could get an Orca, a boat, and a human for $10 in 2011, so $15 for a dinosaur and an island in 2007 seemed a bit high. The dinosaur sets were a little more expensive feeling overall, no doubt due to the popularity and pent-up demand for this kind of toy, but they didn't receive many line expansions and basically vanished after what I would have assumed to be a decent debut.

Hommage à Jurassic Park avec les dinosaures Playmobil
Tribute to jurassic park with Playmobil dinosaurs
Tribute to Jurassic Park mit Playmobil Dinosaurier


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