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We brought our dog here for day care weekly for almost a year. Our dog is now 1 1/2 years old. He is 85lbs and loving and gentle (we have a 5 year old child so gentleness is something we cultivated in the dog). We love the front desk staff and they love our dog. However our dog has been hurt 3 times at Play and Chase by other dogs. The first time the owner paid for the vet. The second time the owner said it was our dog's fault because he was too passive and needed to get more aggressive. I kept our dog away for months until we got a postcard w a personal note from our favorite staff member (Gillian). We tried again. Months later he was bitten again. We didn't see the owner at pick up and the staff were apologetic. We didn't want to overreact- we felt that maybe these things happen.

When it happened for a third time and the dog had open wounds in multiple places (we were given antibiotic spray by owner) my husband was told by the owner AGAIN that it was our dog's fault because he was too passive.

NOTE: our dog plays at dog parks very well with other dogs and rough houses. It is the job of the day care workers to stop fights from happening-not to blame the gentle giant who is getting hurt. Stop blaming the victim!

We have completely stopped using the day care and grooming service here because we feel it is unsafe. Further an apology from the owner rather than a defensive position that blames our dog would have been a much more effective approach for customer loyalty.

Two stars for the amazing front desk staff.

Update Deux:

After my last experience and Yelp review with Play and Chase, the owner contacted me a few days later to find out what happened and to get more input to my experience. This was very appreciated as most of the time, most owners of businesses could care less about their patron's experiences. We both communicated many times about my experience and I genuinely believe that she wanted to extend an apology for my experience with her business. This is important as far as my satisfaction as if this exchange did not occur, I would have just been another Yelp review and never would have stepped foot into Play and Chase again. We both left off that I would return for my cat's next shaving for the summer months and the owner made all the arrangements and scheduled my appointment - which was also very appreciated.

I was greeted by a staff member when I went in for a clipping for my cat and she apologized that the groomer would be late due to traffic. Totally understandable as any person knows what I-5 with rain can turn a morning commute into total hell. About 15 minutes later, the same staff member checked in to tell me that the groomer was almost there.

While I was waiting, I noticed that the grooming room was very clean without any fur on the floor or clutter. The space is very large and light and clean. Unfortunately, I have to say (and this is more of a suggestion) the space is not great for cat grooming as it is noisy with dog day care in the other part of the building and perhaps some sound proofing would help. The other things was their washer/dryer was on in close proximity and those sounds are also not conducive for a feline. So, there's loud barking and equipment going on and I think most cats would not be too happy.

The new groomer, Brandy, was very thorough and did a great job with the grooming as well as keeping her client on the table...I informed her of my cat's tender spots and she was very careful when she was clipping these hot zones. The grooming was a good experience.

My only negative is the loud sound issue and perhaps some sound proofing in the walls and ceilings coupled with not washing/drying equipment when a cat is there may be the ticket. Otherwise, a good experience. Would recommend to others - perhaps not to a cat that is very fearful and sensitive to loud noise. As suggested by the owner, cat folk are encouraged to make early morning grooming appointment so that you can miss a lot of the dog traffic and noise. Even thought the grooming room is separated in a another space, it was much quieter at 8:00AM and got more progressively louder as we moved closed to 8:45AM.

Overall, the most important aspect of my review update is the fact that the owner did reach out to me and she cared enough about her customer's experience. Just this gesture is enough for a return visit and all and all, everything worked out well.


Harvey is a 1944 play by the American playwright Mary Chase

Every time I pick up my energetic, non-stop playful pup Enzo, he immediately passes out in the car on the way home - and I couldn't be more thrilled! He gets great exercise at Play and Chase, and the staff clearly show him lots of attention and affection. I've noticed more obedience from him since I started bringing him here, and I've seen the staff use commands and hand signals to reinforce that behavior. I'm very happy with the affordable prices and great service they provide!