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MESHA 12 Inches Assorted Color Party Balloons (144 Pcs) Very - USA SELLER

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Helium is one those gases we take for granted on a daily basis. It is used in many things such as medical equipment, LCD screens, welding, NASA, blimps, and of course…the party balloon. What some people don’t realize is that the United States has used almost all of it’s reserve causing a major shortage of helium gas. A federal law in 1996 forcing the government to sell off the helium stock pile by 2015, is the reason we’re in short supply.

Party balloons are poppable balloons found in the . At regular intervals at certain worlds, party balloons start to descend. Once balloons are popped, lucky players may receive an from them. During a major drop (the items being dropped in the balloons are expensive) popping balloons may be difficult since many people will be in there hoping to get a valuable item. If there is a balloon drop, various groups of (Bankers and Guards) will start telling how much the items being dropped in balloons are worth(This no longer exists after the free trade update at 1 February 2011. Also, there will be no more delay once a balloon drop started.). The groups who advertise the party are based on the total value of the party:


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