• Onua was the quiet and philosophical of .
  • These are the instructions for building the LEGO Bionicle Onua that was released in 2001.
  • Onua is a  set. It contains a model of Onua, Toa of Earth, built out of 32 pieces.
  • Quarry underground with Onua’s earthquake hammer!

LEGO Bionicle Onua Uniter of Earth 71309


The very strong Onuan economy, worth 459 billion marks a year, is driven almost entirely by the private sector, which is broadly diversified and led by the Pizza Delivery industry, with major contributions from Retail, Uranium Mining, and Soda Sales. Average income is 65,683 marks, but there is a significant disparity between incomes, with the richest 10% of citizens earning 225,345 per year while the poor average 14,051, a ratio of 16.0 to 1.

Voting is voluntary, meat is a luxury afforded only to the wealthy, and the constant playing of Merry Birthday on Onuan radio has led to calls for the song to be classified as a crime against humanity. Crime is a problem, with the police force struggling against a lack of funding and a high mortality rate. Onua's national animal is the Crow, which can occasionally be seen sifting through garbage in the nation's cities.


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Shortly after his triumphant defeat of the Skull Spiders, Onua received a vision from a , showing an ancient and abandoned city. Korgot told him that the vision was from Ekimu, the Mask Maker, and that he needed to leave for the City of the Mask Makers to find the Mask Maker and reclaim the . The Protector then informed him of the other five heroes, and that together, they would defeat the evil that lurked in the city. Onua then left the Protector in search of the legendary Ekimu.