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Nintendo New 3DS XL Red


It doesn't help matters that the New Nintendo 3DS XL looks more or less identical to the previous 3DS XL model, aside from additional inputs and a slightly rounder bevel. The smaller New Nintendo 3DS model avoids this sameyness with interchangeable faceplates — but that smaller version has not been announced for release in North America. And on top of everything else, the new hardware doesn't come with a charging cable, adding additional cost on for anyone who doesn't currently own a 3DS.

Worse yet, the unclear message behind the New Nintendo 3DS XL undermines the hardware. We don't have a firm sense of whether the system will be supported for long, whether it will divide the 3DS market, whether it's an upgrade that's going to be necessary in the long-term or not.


Revelations compared on the Nintendo 3DS VS the Nintendo 3DS XL.

First, the new hardware has moved from the SD cards used in the existing 3DS XL to Micro SD cards. Assuming the New Nintendo 3DS XL's included 4 GB Micro SD card doesn't provide enough room for games you own or plan to own in the future, you'll need to buy an upgrade. You can move content from one card to another by transferring over Wi-Fi between two systems, but that process moves at a snail's pace — the faster option is to manage the files on a computer, but it has to be able to read both SD and Micro SD cards.