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Men's Herringbone Wool Tweed Newsboy Ivy Cabbie Driving Hat (One Size, Black)

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The newsboy cap, named as such because of its association with newspaper boys in the early 20th century, are a popular alternative to standard baseball caps. Like ivy and driver's caps, newsboy hats feature a front bill that is often attached to a full, paneled body portion with a button or snap. Newsboy caps differ slightly from ivy caps in that they are slightly more billowy and roomy in the body. While newsboy caps are often historically associated with working-class boys and young men (think Oliver Twist), versions of the cap were adopted by all social classes - evidenced by it's use as a golfer's cap in the early 20th century.

We are particularly fond of this section and take great pride in the following selection. Our family patriarch, Irving Belinsky, had a great selection of ivy caps and newsboy hats that he accumulated from his travels around the world. Because virtually any fabric can be cut-and-sewn into a variation of these two styles, what you find here is a distillation of the vast universe of ivy and newsboy caps in the world. Note: Newsboy hats were known as eight-quarter caps (aka 8/4 Cap) in the hat industry named because of the eight triangular panels or sections that meet in the center of the crown usually with a button or pom-pom at their vortex. Pay attention to the details in the descriptions e.g. lined or unlined, one snap or two snaps joining the crown to the bill.


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The sequin newsboys hats and neon flat caps at Windy City Novelties are a fun twist on this headwear. These novelty hats are the ideal choice when going for a retro 60’s or 70’s look. Think Austin Powers. We offer our funky headwear in a bunch of different styles like sequin flat caps, patent-leather neon newsboy hats, LED flat caps, and polka dot newsboy hats. These even come in convenient combo kits for those buying for a group. Be sure to pair these party accessories with some psychedelic or jewelry.