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  • Finding Nemo 2 is set to follow the Toy Story sequel and the upcoming Monsters Inc. prequel.
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Finding Nemo

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A 2016 release date is apparently being eyed. We dont know the official plot or have any details on the movie since development on Pixar films takes years. Stanton will focus on Finding Nemo 2 for the time being and has said that is going to be his only project in the next few years. The casting directors have not made any announcments on who will be in the movie except for Ellen but as soon as we find out more information we will keep you updated. If you would like to audition for Finding Nemo 2 please submitt an applicaion along with previous voice over experience that you might have. Once we get more information on the casting dates we will contact the applicants.

I am extremely interested in voicing one of the characters in Nemo 2. I have always been told that I have a beautiful voice and that people can listen to me for hours. My first boyfriend once told me that he loved me because of my voice. Anyway I would love to be able to let the world hear my voice through one of Pixar’s characters. That would be a dream come true. I live in the theater and have always worked backstage as a costumer. I would love to be able to showcase my voice and be considered for this role.


NEMO 2.1 - Epoxy-Olefin Hybrid System - Bredero Shaw

Pixar's increased interest in sequelizing its early classics continues with the just announced Finding Nemo 2. Although the Toy Story movies all managed to be major critical successes, the sequel treatment isn't a sure thing for the studio, whose was met with a mixed reaction at best. Fans of the lovable fish protagonists of the original, Oscar-nominated 2003 motion picture should be happy, however, now that the film's original director Andrew Stanton has come aboard to helm the follow-up.