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Cool and alternative, Nanoblocks are conclusive evidence that it’s not all about size, especially in the world of make-believe construction. But what can you make with these titchy bricks? Pretty much anything judging by the kits currently available. Choose from a Duck, Meerkat, Space Centre or even a Space Station. They’re building blocks but not as we know them!

Nanoblock Elephant by Nanoblock. $8.68. nanoblock Elephant - from the ?Miniature Collection?. 120+ miniature building blocks. Full assembly instructions. Join in the Japanese 3D mini modelling block craze sweeping the world. Challenging three-dimensional puzzle with amazingly small sized building blocks. From the Manufacturer Create 3D works of animal art with Nano Blocks! These micro-sized building blocks will enable you to execute even the finest de...


Nano Blocks - Cat #UrbanOutfitters

The blocks in Nanoblock sets really are tiny — itty-bitty, even. Some of the smaller pieces can be difficult to hold, let alone put together or take apart. But with a (very) careful hand and an eye for detail, you can create completed works that also have the side benefit of taking up much less room in your house. But assemble these sets in a well-cordoned-off area. Using a tray or table with edges would be ideal. More than once, I’ve had to search the floor for pieces just a few millimeters across. Sets come with instructions for building. They aren’t as detailed as Lego instructions, but they are definitely clear enough for anyone to use.