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American Plastic Toy My Very Own Vanity


Pretend play vanity is a lovely toy that will bring happiness to any girl. American Plastic Toy My Very Own Vanity is a most basic vanity I found. This is a 9 piece set, that contains a mirror, storage drawer, bench-style seat, comb, curling iron, hair dryer and some minor accessories. The colors are soft and feminine, and there is enough space for what every young girl needs. Being like mom also means having own pretend play vanity. Fortunately, there are a few to choose from. Once you go beyond the basic style, though, the size gets a bit bigger, and of course there are more accessories included. But the real value of any pretend play vanity is in the play, in the fun, and in feeling that a little girl can imitate her mom. vanities are lovely toys, they give girls opportunity to work on hand-eye coordination and on basics of self grooming and beauty. They also make little girls happy. What else could you ask from a toy.

My Very Own Vanity offers the play value of larger sets in a compact size! This nine piece vanity set includes a bench-style seat, mirror, storage drawer, comb, three hair accessories, cell phone, curling iron, hair dryer and a colorful label sheet. Packaged in a colorful, corrugated carton with full color litho label.


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Every little princess needs a place to get glamorous, so let her admire her radiance in the mirror while getting pretty with the American Plastics My Very Own Vanity. The set, decorated in girly pinks, purples and whites, features a child-sized setup with a matching seat and storage drawer. Additionally, this pretend girls' vanity set lets your child safely style her tresses with the included play curling iron and hair dryer. The beautiful little lady in your life can have a blast primping her hair or playing dress-up before tea time at the pretend play vanity. She and her friends can also imagine themselves in the salon. The charming portable phone that comes with this set will make her feel like a big girl. Children love to imitate what they see adults doing, and now, your young one can safely enjoy the toy styling accessories of Mommy's beauty regimen. This vanity play set will entertain your child for hours in the room while updating her fashion-forward style.