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  • Minion Launcher has 21 levels, grouped by difficulty in 3 sets of levels,

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Levels need to be completed in one go unless tokens are spent to continue. Along the way the minion can collect bananas, the basic currency in the game. Levels have up to three objectives that can be completed, rewarded with one piece of fruit for each objective, used in the story to power the jelly machines of the jelly lab. At least one fruit is required to advance to the next level, but a large amount to move on to the next area. Bananas are used to buy and upgrade items (up to ten times) and power-ups. Some of them can only be unlocked with tokens, the premium currency. Tokens need to be bought with real money and a small amount can be earned through achievements, by logging in daily or by participating in events. There are also prize pods that can provide puzzle pieces to unlock costumes. When items are unlocked they start to appear in levels. Items and power-ups include a banana vacuum that collects the bananas in an easier way, a freeze ray to freeze and break through all obstacles for a while, Gru's rocket (catch bananas in a short side-scrolling mini-game flying behind a car), Mega Minion (stomp through everything in your path), Fluffy Unicorn (catch bananas in a short vertically-scrolling mini-game flying on the back of a unicorn), Minion Launcher, Minion Shield, Banana Splitter, PX41 serum (become invincible for a short while) and Moon (a short bonus-level on the moon to collect stars and earn more points). There are four props to unlock that appear in mini-games: a minion glider, a snowboard, a skateboard and a BMX bike.

At the beginning of each round, you can buy one (or more) of three different power ups. At the very beginning you’ll be offered the Minion Launcher, which will shoot you out 400 meters right at the beginning of the stage. This will cost 250 bananas. If you don’t buy this, you’ll then be offered a score perk, which will multiply your score by 5x, and a banana perk, which will offer you a 2x multiplier for every banana that you collect in a round. You can buy both of these if you want. Each one costs 15 tokens apiece.


Minion Launcher as it appears in Gru's Lab .

Minion Go Launcher Theme nos ofrece 8 Walppapers de los Minions en HD, con diseños estupendos y escenas de la película, sin embargo para instalarlo requerimos de Go Launcher EX almenos, así que antes de descargar Minion Go Launcher Theme, ve a buscar el instalador, pues la calidad de estos fondos de pantalla es muy buena y seguramente quedarás satisfecho.