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NEW Zetterberg Mylec Pro Style Mini Hockey Goal Set, White


The size of the hockey nets and where they’re placed on the playing surface depend on the level of play. You’ll often find that young children may use mini hockey nets and they will be placed closer together than in adult leagues. In some cases you may see the game being played cross-ice or horizontally to create a small rink size. This allows for a much faster game play and less time spent away from the hockey net.

When it comes to mini hockey nets, smaller and younger players often use goals that are narrower and shorter than standard adult-sized models. The exact size will vary depending on the manufacturer of the goal and the age level of hockey being played. For instance, some mini hockey nets may be as small as 30 inches wide by 23 inches high, making them ideal for indoor knee hockey.


Reebok Fleury Mini Hockey Net Deluxe set unboxing