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Half Pipe Ramp- 8 foot wide?scs-11082831?


Mini halfpipe construction at our house. It took around 4 days, with help of my friends.

Height: 1m -- 3.28 feet
Width: 3m -- 9.84 feet
Length: 7.5m -- 24.6 feet (including platforms)
We used the plans from


The new line of come in three basic sets for halfpipe widths, from 8ft mini halfpipe ramp plans, 12ft mini halfpipe ramp plans, and 16ft mini halfpipe ramp plans. We also provide a set of . All skateboard ramp plan purchases include a ramp materials list and a ramp materials pricing worksheet to help you take the guess work out of buying the proper and cheapest ramp building materials possible.


New Mini Halfpipe in my Garage!

The six-foot half pipe is the tallest mini half pipe and is one of the most fun ramps for skateboarding. Most skateboarders prefer to build mini half pipes because larger ones are more difficult to skate and require more skill to master. Mini half pipes also require less materials, less space and labor to build and therefor cost less. Building a half pipe can be a daunting task, especially for someone who's never had any carpentry or construction experience. With the right plans, tools, materials and site, the endeavor behind building a half pipe will pale in comparison to the fun, exercise and memories that can be had on the finished ramp.