• Minecraft Desert
  • LEGO Minecraft The Desert Outpost Set Alex and Steve need help to build their fortress
  • The Minecraft Desert Survival Project was contributed by Notch0s
  • Huge Minecraft Desert City Was Built By One Player Over 20 Months

LEGO Minecraft 21121 the Desert Outpost Building Kit


Grab your shovel and explore the vast Minecraft Desert! Use your shovel to mine sand and sugarcane, protect yourself from the mobs heading your way by breaking the well and making a current of Water! Plus you can turn one large cactus into two small cactus just by separating the top of the cactus from the bottom and adding two pieces!

This is a quick design for a cool little desert house that i made. Thanks for watching!

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Minecraft DESERT BATTLE DOME w/ Mitch, Nooch & Friends

Sahara is a full featured minecraft desert survival map, complete with custom built oasis, mountains and underground caves fraught with danger. This minecraft survival map has been so popular that download links have been expiring faster than Usain Bolt (although that problem now appears to have been fixed.) Why has it been so hard to download this minecraft desert survival map? Because this is one of the largest of its kind, at a meaty 915 MB, that’s almost a full gig download. That’s nothing to sniff at.