• The Micro Chargers Time Track is for ages 6 and up.
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  • In the already crowded boys vehicle market, Flair’s Micro Chargers brand should be a very competitive new entrant.

Bright Charge! - 2.1 AMP Rapid Wall Charger with 6 Ft. Micro USB Cable Touch Activated LED Light for Smartphones & Tablets

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These little cars go SUPER fast and can easily make it around the track more than 4 times. I am impressed with how easy it is to set up. This specific track is their Crash Track although we only had one car so we couldn’t actually try it out to crash anything. My kids still spend hours playing with this one tiny car though so they definitely like it. I wanted to make a quick video to show you our Micro Chargers in action. Just one note of warning – do NOT try to run the car on carpet! My son did and kept getting fibers tangled up in the wheels. It would still run just slowly till we cleaned it out. 🙂 In the video my son is laying around because he’s getting over pneumonia and it’s bed time but you can see how easy it is if he can lay down and do it.

APX is compact enough to fit in your pocket and it has a 5 minute auto shut off capability for extra safety. Just the vape alone is worth more than the $41.99 this deal costs, but right now, you’ll also get a micro USB charger, a triple quartz coil atomizer, a silicon wax container, and a tool to help you pack the vape with your favorite waxy concentrates.


Micro Chargers Track 1 | THE HOTSPOTORLANDO

Also make sure you use the Micro Chargers with the blue bottoms. These are designed for racing. There are Micro Chargers designed for stunts that have red bottoms.