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The First Years 2 Pack 9 Ounce Insulated Sippy Cup, Mickey Mouse (Color and design may vary)


Tumblers with lids and straws are a great way to graduate from a sippy cup to something more grown up. When your child has mastered the art of laying their sippy cup flat on a table, then it's time to let them test their skills with a tumbler. Since they love their Mickey Mouse sippy cups then they will definitely enjoy a Mickey Mouse Tumbler.

Mickey Mouse sippy cups are great for your toddler who is now to old for a bottle but has not yet graduated to a cup. Sippy cups are designed to help your child gain control while drinking. Spill proof cups will help keep your floors clean while your child learns to drink their beverage in something other than a bottle. They also give your children confidence making them feel more independent as they can go anywhere in your home drinking their sippy cup and feeling like a grown up. Your toddler will love drinking from sippy cups with Mickey Mouse on them.


Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Learner Cups - NUK USA